Statewide Gang Strategy
Statewide Gang Strategy

A comprehensive and coordinated plan to reduce criminal gang activity in Florida.
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Regional Task Forces
Regional Task Forces

Become informed about Gang Reduction Task Force efforts in your region.
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Gang Awareness
Gang Awareness

Learn how to recognize gang activity and prevent gang involvement among youth.
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Why Young People Join Gangs?

This depends on the socioeconomic background of the youth and other life events or experiences in a youth’s background. Some of the reasons for joining a gang include:

  • A sense of belonging, and the feeling of being cared about
  • A need for recognition, prestige or power
  • The desire for fun and excitement
  • A place for friendship or brotherhood
  • A place for structure, discipline, and training
  • A sense of self-worth and status
  • The need for physical protection/security
  • The belief that it is a way to make a lot of money fast
  • Media glorification of the gang lifestyle
  • A family tradition