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Statewide Statistics for 2011

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The strict purpose of the Office of the Attorney General Gang Report, now in its third year, has been to develop a set of metrics to measure the long-term progress of Florida’s efforts in gang reduction. Results of this year’s assessment are based on compiled data from 59% of local law enforcement agencies across 62 of the state’s 67 counties, and from the state departments of Corrections and Juvenile Justice for the reporting period of July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011.

Although overall the volume of violent crime is declining in our state, criminal gang violence continues to be a growing problem. For this reporting period, law enforcement has identified and documented 1,637 criminal gangs, a 16.7% increase from 2010. Eighty-five percent (85%) of the law enforcement survey respondents reported that criminal gang activity has either increased or stayed the same in their respective county over the past year. A third of all documented criminal gangs are known to be actively recruiting new members.

Data released from the Departments of Corrections and Juvenile Justice demonstrates that a steadily increasing number of incarcerated inmates and actively placed juveniles are identified as gang-affiliated. These assessments signify the imperative that gang control efforts continue to focus on breaking the cycle of criminal gang recruitment and gang-related crime through efforts in prevention/intervention, suppression/enforcement, and rehabilitation/reentry.

Findings of the 2011 OAG Gang Assessment
Location # of Documented Gangs # of Documented Members & Associates F.S. 874.03 # of Other Suspected Gang Affiliates Total Gang Persons
Region 1 164 1248 469 1717
Region 2 46 1044 359 1403
Region 3 118 1988 379 2367
Region 4 343 7405 288 7693
Region 5 372 6466 1493 7959
Region 6 144 4504 1240 5744
Region 7 450 8005 4997 13002
Region Total 1637 30660 9225 39885
DOC Incarcerated - 8061 - 8061
DOC Probation - 1476 - 1476
DJJ Youth on Active Supervision - 891 2790 2790
State Total 1637 50625 13914 52212