Statewide Gang Strategy
Statewide Gang Strategy

A comprehensive and coordinated plan to reduce criminal gang activity in Florida.
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Regional Task Forces

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Gang Awareness

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Rehabilitation/Re-entry Committee

The committee will be headed by a Corrections/Juvenile Justice Executive. The committee’s charge is to review current corrections initiatives, practices, theories, and action plans that deal with the rehabilitation and re-entry of criminal gang members.

  1. The committee will focus on the following objectives at a minimum:
    1. Expand opportunities for criminal gang members in state or county corrections systems to participate in prison industry programs, educational programs, faith and character-based programs, drug treatment/rehabilitation programs and all other programs designed to rehabilitate offenders or assist offenders in preparing for re-entry into society upon completion of their sentences.
    2. Develop and implement specialized, individualized counseling and mentoring focused on motivating criminal gang members in state or county correctional systems to gain educational, vocational or job training, social skills, and lifestyle interests and habits that will turn offenders away from gang membership/participation and toward becoming productive members of society when released.
    3. Provide job placement for criminal gang members in state or county correctional systems upon release and provide a counselor/mentor for each such released offender to give guidance, assist with acquiring and keeping a job, educational advancement, and building positive relationships outside of gangs for a period of five years after release.
    4. Require all identified criminal gang members in state or county correctional systems upon release, to register with an identified state office and keep their address, contact information and job status current for ten years after release and require such released offender to report in person for counseling to a counselor/mentor at least quarterly for the first five years after release.
    5. Train and qualify the necessary number of counselors/mentors/teachers to accomplish the individualized goals of gang member rehabilitation and re-entry from state or county correctional systems.
  2. Add additional objectives as the Regional Gang Reduction Strategy Task Force leadership deems appropriate to carryout Florida’s Gang Reduction Strategy within the region.