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What Is the Florida RICO Act?

The State of Florida has a racketeering law entitled, Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization, referred to as the Florida RICO Act. The Florida RICO Act (Florida Statutes 895) allows prosecutors to prosecutors to charge a complete enterprise all at once and allows prosecutors to couple historic convictions with newly charged crime. In order to charge RICO, the government must first prove that an enterprise exists and then that the defendants committed individual predicate incidents in furtherance of the enterprise. The Florida legislature has specifically defined a criminal gang under 874 is an enterprise under Florida’s RICO.

Sentencing Totals:

  • Defendants have been sentenced to a total of 672.05 years in state correctional facilities
  • Defendants have been sentenced to a total of 380 years of probation
  • $820,843.98 have been ordered in fines/costs