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Learn how to recognize gang activity and prevent gang involvement among youth.
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What Is The Florida Criminal Gang Prevention Act?

Florida has led the country in drafting a statute that specifically targets criminal gang activity. From its original enactment in 1990 to the recent revisions that followed the recommendations of the 18th Statewide Grand Jury, Florida has tried to target criminal gangs for special treatment under the law.

Florida Statute 874 defines criminal gangs, gang members, and gang associates. It then provides for enhanced penalties for crimes committed in furtherance of the interests of a gang; new statutes for recruiting gang members; and a new crime allowing the charging of a Gang Kingpin for directing the activities of a gang. There is also a newly redrafted provision that allows cities to enter injunctions against gang activity at a specific location. Much like the violation of a domestic violence injunction, the violation of a gang injunction can also result in arrest for violating the terms of the injunction.