Gang Awareness
Gang Awareness

Learn how to recognize gang activity and prevent gang involvement among youth.
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What Can Parents Do To Prevent Gang Involvement?

  • Be Aware
    • Know who your children's friends are; learn real names of your children's friends, get to know their families
    • Be a good observer - pay attention to your child's behavior
    • Know about who and what influences your kids
    • Pay attention to the music they listen to, the video games they play, the television and movies they watch
    • Monitor internet activity, including internet social networking activity
    • Monitor cell phone usage, text messaging, and other forms of communication with their friends
    • Know what your children are doing at all times
    • Seek the facts - kids will tell you what you want to hear
    • Learn about gangs and drugs
  • Do Not Tolerate Drugs and Violence
    • Do not allow them to wear gang attire
    • Monitor living space for gang paraphernalia, weapons, and drugs
    • Do not allow your children to 'hang out' in the streets or mall
    • Be very suspicious of gang writing, graffiti, or tattoos
    • Encourage anti-gang attitudes at home
    • Set clear limits - follow through with discipline if they break the rules
    • Report all crimes
  • Be Pro-Active
    • Become involved with your children and spend quality time with them
    • Strive for good communication between you and your children, talk and listen to them
    • Praise you children for doing well
    • Provide supervised recreational and leisure-time activities for youngsters; encourage your children to participate in positive activities; involve your children in positive group activities
    • Teach your children decision making skills - help them make the right choices
    • Put a high value on education; participate in your child's education-find out what's happening at school
    • Get involved in your community and school affairs
    • Set the example for your kids, they will do what you do
    • Identify with positive role models
    • Believe in your children
Gang Awareness: