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Statewide Gang Strategy

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Gang Awareness

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Common Gang Initiations

Rolled In
a.k.a. (Jumped in, Quoted, Lined in) - This ritual usually consists of the recruit having to fight 3 or more members of the gang for a specified amount of time. The time limit is different from gang to gang, but usually last somewhere between 15 seconds and 1 minute. The reason for the beating is to see how tough the recruit is and if he is a fighter.

Lined In
Slightly different in that the gang has two lines of its members and the recruit has to go between the line as the gang members beat him or her. Often times officers are called to new gang members homes at the request of the parent to take assault reports. The child is often uncooperative and unwilling to tell the officer or his parent who his assailants are because he has just joined a gang. This is the most common initiation into the gang.

Walked In
Some gangs have no formal initiation and may just be asked to join the gang.

Sexed In
a.k.a. (diced in) - Sometimes female recruits are required to roll 2 dice. Whatever number is thrown is the number of gang members that the recruit has to have sex with. There have also been stories of gang recruits required to have sex with HIV positive people. This information has never been verified and still remains only a story.

Commit Crimes
Some gangs require that a recruit commit a crime or a series of crimes to prove that they are good candidates for the gangs. Often times, gangs that specialize in a particular crime such as auto theft, will require the recruit to steal a car or commit the crime that they specialize in. Some gangs have point systems for the crimes and the recruit has to have so many points. The crimes required to be committed can be as violent as drive-by shootings or murder.

Courted In
Sometimes an individual is asked to join a gang without going through any initiation. The individual usually has some type of special talent that the gang wants to learn or take advantage of. The individual may have a good connection for drugs, is good at stealing cars, or has some other criminal talent. It may also be that the individual has a car that the gang needs to commit criminal activity or just to get around town in.

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