Statewide Gang Strategy
Statewide Gang Strategy

A comprehensive and coordinated plan to reduce criminal gang activity in Florida.
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Regional Task Forces
Regional Task Forces

Become informed about Gang Reduction Task Force efforts in your region.
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Gang Awareness
Gang Awareness

Learn how to recognize gang activity and prevent gang involvement among youth.
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Major Factors That May Contribute To Youth Gang Involvement

  • Lives in neighborhood where gangs already exist, and where drugs and firearms are readily available
  • Lack of opportunities for involvement in positive activities and hobbies, or too much unsupervised leisure time
  • Problems at home; poor family management; problematic parent-child relationships; poor parental supervision
  • Associates with aggressive peers and peers who engage in delinquency
  • Prior and/or early involvement in delinquency, especially violence and alcohol or drug use
  • Low attachment to school; poor educational or employment potential
  • The need for recognition and belonging which has not been met through positive avenues
  • For more information, see for example:
    • Hawkins, J. David and John A. Pollard. "Risk and Protective Factors: Are Both Necessary to Understand Diverse Behavioral Outcomes in Adolescence?", Social Work Research, 23, 3, (1999) pp. 145-158.
    • Howell, James C. "Moving Risk Factors into Developmental Theories of Gang Membership," Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice, 3, 4, (2005) pp. 334-354.
Gang Awareness: