Statewide Gang Strategy
Statewide Gang Strategy

A comprehensive and coordinated plan to reduce criminal gang activity in Florida.
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Regional Task Forces
Regional Task Forces

Become informed about Gang Reduction Task Force efforts in your region.
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Gang Awareness
Gang Awareness

Learn how to recognize gang activity and prevent gang involvement among youth.
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Education Committee

The committee will be headed by a leader in the education community. The committee’s charge is to assess policies, practices, and strategies to address gang prevention, intervention, and suppression within the school environment. The focus will be to create and sustain safe learning environments and positive school climates in all schools.

  1. The committee will focus on the following objectives at a minimum:
    1. Implement evidence-based violence prevention programs in schools that include anti-gang self-concepts and that teach resiliency skills which empower youth to reject gang involvement; implement school-wide bullying prevention programs; and provide students with positive and supportive role models.
    2. Establish partnerships between schools and law enforcement which create school safety teams to assess the threat of gangs on school campus; establish policies and procedures that do not tolerate gang-related activity; consistently enforce gang suppression strategies; and apply effective reporting and documentation practices.
    3. Institute protocols to identify students who are at greater risk of becoming gang-involved; provide proven behavioral intervention methods; make student assistance programs available which provide additional supports for academic, social, and employment skills development.
    4. Train parents/families and school personnel how to identify gang-involved youth and gang-related behaviors and activities; train school personnel to safely interact with gang-involved youth; provide information for prevention and intervention resources.
    5. Create collaborations with businesses, higher education institutions, and community organizations that support positive youth development opportunities such as mentoring relationships, participation in youth sports, fine arts, and other pro-social activities.
  2. Add additional objectives as the Regional Gang Reduction Strategy Task Force leadership deems appropriate to carryout Florida’s Gang Reduction Strategy within the region.