Statewide Gang Strategy
Statewide Gang Strategy

A comprehensive and coordinated plan to reduce criminal gang activity in Florida.
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Regional Task Forces
Regional Task Forces

Become informed about Gang Reduction Task Force efforts in your region.
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Gang Awareness
Gang Awareness

Learn how to recognize gang activity and prevent gang involvement among youth.
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Criminal Justice Committee

The committee will be headed by a Criminal Justice Executive. The committee’s charge is to review current law enforcement, prosecution, judicial, and correctional initiatives, practices, theories, and action plans that deal with the arrest and prosecutions, and incarceration of active criminal gang members.

  1. The committee will focus on the following objectives at a minimum:
    1. Compile a statewide priority list and target every major criminal gang in Florida for dismantling by arresting and prosecuting gang leaders and key gang members.
    2. Identify and target for arrest and prosecution all gang kingpins in Florida and seek life imprisonment sentences.
    3. Prioritize the prosecution of gun crimes related to gangs and gang members and target for prosecution those who provide guns to juvenile gang members ineligible to own or possess a gun.
    4. In areas of intense gang activity, build community policing, remove firearms from low to mid-level gang members and use injunctive powers to prohibit gang members from gathering.
    5. Improve intelligence gathering and information sharing on gangs and gang members and their activities among and between federal, state and local law enforcement, prosecuting authorities, schools and Juvenile Justice, Corrections, and Children and Families officials.
    6. Strengthen gang law enforcement and prosecution with more uniform, specialized training and designate one Assistant State Attorney in each judicial circuit whose sole, full-time responsibility is to prosecute and manage the prosecution of gangs, gang members and gang- related crimes.
    7. Coordinate federal, state and local law enforcement/prosecution efforts toward the common objective of combating gang activity in Florida including setting priorities and targeting certain gangs, gang activities and gang related prosecutions all over Florida.
  2. Add additional objectives as the Regional Gang Reduction Strategy Task Force leadership deems appropriate to carryout Florida’s Gang Reduction Strategy within the region.