Gang Awareness
Gang Awareness

Learn how to recognize gang activity and prevent gang involvement among youth.
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What Are Some Community Anti-Gang Strategies?

  • Establish a gang intelligence unit in the community police agency-a clearing house for tracking and monitoring gangs
  • Build methods of disseminating advice/information on dealing with gangs to children and parents
  • Enact ordinances, both school board, city, and state, that make it a felony for gangs to recruit in school or intimidate youngsters to join a gang
  • Support initiatives that provide for a rich assortment of extracurricular programs for kids and the incentives for them to participate in them
  • Organize/support workshops on street gangs to be taught to parents, grandparents, and guardians of school-age children
  • Provide public seminars on "street gangs" throughout the year
  • Run media series on street gangs, stripping them of their mystique and exposing them for what they are
  • Encourage service clubs and church groups to sponsor a battery of community speak-outs during the year on street gangs, with the help of the police departments, courts, youth services agencies, correctional institutions, and schools
  • Organize an army of citizens to patrol through their community and erase gang graffiti whenever it appears
Gang Awareness: